Terms of use

This is only a very brief version of the terms of use of Emploi de Style intended for non-francophones users. The French version of these terms of use is the only one to have a legal value. E/S answers only to civil law of Quebec and Canadian criminal law. Opening an account on E/S constitute an acceptance of those laws and of these terms of use.

Origins: Emploi de Style (E/S or “the site”) is a small project from Québec addressed to the American and European Francophones. This said, the site is open to anyone with an interest for fashion and art.

Age: You need to be 18 to be a member of E/S.

Your personal data: E/S does not use your personal data, nor does it share or sell it to third parties. Of the information gathered by E/S (pseudonym, email, profession, city), only the pseudonym, the profession and the city are public. These information are necessary to differentiate accounts and to serve the purpose of the site, which is a networking platform for fashion professionals and enthusiasts. It is up to the user to decide which information he chooses to publish on his profile.

Protection of your personal data: E/S takes the necessary means to protect your data, within its capacities. This said, and considering the very nature of internet, E/S cannot pretend to protect totally your data from hackers and other malicious individuals and organizations. It is up to the user to decide which information he will share with/on the site. In case of a known attack, the users will notify by email.

Cookie: E/S uses a cookie only for technical reasons (site functionality). The data associated with this cookie is not shared or sold to third parties.

Copyrights: E/S members keep the totality of the copyright of their content. E/S take the necessary rights to collect, store and publish users content. Emploi de Style (and emploi.style), its concept and structure are trademarks that can not be used in any way, any place, physical or electronic without the explicit permission of E/S.

Responsibility: E/S is a service offered in good faith and therefore, cannot be held responsible for anything. By opening an account on E/S you renounce to any legal action against the site and its owners and employees. The members are the only responsible for their behaviour and for the content they publish.

Laws: By joining E/S you renounce to any non-Canadian law that is or could be incompatible with these terms of services, and especially the European internet laws. If you believe that the laws of your country should be applied before these terms or service, you should not become a member of E/S and/or you should leave the site at once.

Communication : you acknowledge that E/S might send, a few times a year, an email to notify about the evolution of the site.

Refund Policy: The paid memberships allow E/S to pay salaries and to see costs associated with hosting the site. The subscription is not refundable in any circumstances.

Closure of your account: you can erase your account anytime, which will erase all your data and publications.

Image policy: No explicit nudes. In publishing the picture of someone users acknowledge that they have obtained the necessary permissions to broadcast his image. Users will be the only responsible for copyright infringements.

Acknowledgement: By clicking "I agree" at the end of this contract, you agree to abide by it. You also agree to the way E/S gathers and stores your personal data. Not accepting these regulations mean that you stop using E/S at once. These regulations may be amended from time to time and you will be notified of these modifications. Should you refuse an amendment, you must leave E/S without refund.

The presence of errors or omissions shall not affect the scope and spirit of this contract. The french version is the only valid one.

Version 2.0 (June 2018).