Terms of use

Principles (brief summary):
- Hangar 217 can not be held responsible for anything (user behavior, offensive content, etc.).
- Members retain ownership of their content at any time, Hangar 217 is merely taking the necessary rights to publish them on the site. Hangar 217 is not using your content to promote its products;
- Hangar 217 takes the necessary means to protect your personal information, but, given the nature of the Internet, it can not guarantee that your personal informations are fully protected against malicious individual (hacker, pirates, etc.).
- You are at least 18 years of age.
- Hangar 217 is a service offered in good faith.

image policy: no explicit nudes. In publishing the picture of someone you acknowledge that you have obtained his permission to broadcast his image.

Terms of use

It is important to read and understand these rules as they engage your responsibility, define your rights, obligations and specify the rules you must follow to become and remain a member of Hangar 217.

Site presentation: this contract governs the use of the website www.hangar217.com, that is to say its attendance, its use, downloading and viewing its content .

By clicking "I agree" at the end of this contract, you agree to abide by it. Not accepting these regulations mean that you stop using Hangar 217. These regulations may be amended from time to time and you will be notified of these modifications. Should you refuse an amendment, you must leave Hangar 217 without refund.

Only the French version of these regulations has legal value. The translation aims to provide non-Francophones the opportunity to understand these rules. Hangar 217 is governed by civil law in Quebec and Canadian criminal law.

If you believe that your country's laws should apply before this agreement or if you live in a territory which does not tolerate these rules or who do not tolerate certain content, then you must leave Hangar 217. If, notwithstanding the foregoing, you become a member of Hangar 217, then you only need to bear the consequences. You agree at the outset that the laws of your state of origin does not apply to Hangar 217.

Hangar 217 is strictly forbidden to persons under 18 years (age of majority in Quebec).

Aim: Hangar 217 is a website that aims to facilitate exchanges between photographers, models, artists, makeup artists and all others professionals associated with the fashion industry, advertising, film and imaging industry in general. To do this, Hangar 217 makes available, among others, a portfolio, a profile and internal messaging service to any person who carries out the registration fee.

Warranty: Hangar 217 does not provide any warranty service, being provided as is. We reject outright any form of warranty (express or implied) as to the operation of the site, and the consequences of a malfunction.

All information obtained from this site may never be a form of guarantee of anything. The only warranties offered are described in these regulations. You are solely responsible for any consequences arising from the use of the site, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Privacy Policy: the informations collected by Hangar 217 (email, password, IP address, etc..) will never be disclosed to anyone needs. Hangar 217 will retain the ability to use such information for monitoring purposes, statistics and, more generally, to see the proper functioning of the site, nothing more. It's the same financial information necessary to purchase a subscription: they are kept confidential at all times. The sale of the site will engage the new owner to keep all information strictly private for a period of 5 years after the sale.

Hangar 217 does not protect its members against an attack, among other things, the database site. Hangar 217 undertakes to take steps (to the extent of his abilities) to protect the personal information of its members, but can not guarantee that hackers can not possibly capture any data on the site.

Hangar 217 place a cookie on your computer for purposes of computing efficiency. A member can block cookies from the site, but such action may restrict access to the site or prevent access to certain functions.

That said, the user acknowledges that the information included on their profile are accessible to all (members and non members) at any time. It is the responsibility of the member to decide what information he gives on his profile. Hangar 217 will not be held liable for damages (moral, material, physical, etc..) that may arise from malicious use of the information posted by a member on their profile. It is the responsibility of the user to never reveal his email and password.

Intellectual Property (users): a user that download content on Hangar 217 recognizesvto hold all copyright on this content. It can also upload content from a third party if he gets his explicit permission. By posting content, the user will be the only answer possible complaints and lawsuits. Member acknowledges that content that is online does not violate any law.

By posting content, the user allows Hangar 217 to take the actions necessary to copy, store and make it available on the site: Hangar 217 does not claim any rights to the content of members except that to host and display it on the site. These permits make possible the functioning of the site, with no limits of time and territory. Members who have a copyright on material retain this copyright at all times.

By posting content, you agree that it might be used by other members for personal purposes. You also accept all risks inherent to the internet, including malicious use from a malicious user, the result of which would, among other things, affect your reputation. Hangar 217 (its owners and employees) shall in no way be held liable for possible consequences of putting content online. You agree not to use the content of others without their written consent.

Hangar 217 can store any content deleted by a member for a certain period of time, because Hangar 217 performs regular backups of its database.

Copyright, intellectual property and trademark (Hangar 217): Each member agrees never to use robots or other devices (automatic or manual) to retreive content and use it for purposes contrary to the objectives of Hangar 217. The structure, the tree and the formatting of the site may not be copied in part or in whole. This applies to logos, pictures, names, trademarks, functions and any other part of the site or concept of Hangar 217, since the whole site (content, programming, editing, etc.) is subject to copyrights. The contents of this site may in no circumstances be downloaded, modified, sold, used for commercial purposes, etc.

Hangar 217 and Hangar217.com, its concept and structure are trademarks that can not be used in any way, any place, physical or electronic without the explicit permission of Hangar 217.

The names, trademarks and logos of Hangar 217 appearing on other websites does not imply taht Hangar 217, its owner and its employees, endorse the content, activities or opinions of these websites. The trademarks and logos that may appear on the site of Hangar 217 are the explicit property of their owners. These appearances do not in any way constitute an endorsement or support by hangar of these 217 companies, organizations or entities. Their appearance on the site of Hangar 217 is the fact, in other things, that these companies or entities have developed an advertising space.

responsibility of Hangar 217: liability of Hangar 217 is limited to do its best to maintain an online hosting service. Hangar 217 is also committed to the best of his ability, to fight against certain unacceptable behavior (intolerance, racism, etc..). Hangar 217 is committed to do its best to protect the privacy of its members, as long, by their actions, they do not jeopardize the privacy of other users and the functionality of this site.

If necessary, Hangar 217 will appeal to judicial authorities and police to fight against fraudsters and other ill-intentioned individuals who put the site in danger by their actions.

Duties and Responsibilities: It is strictly forbidden to harm anyone's reputation. It is forbidden to upload content that constitutes an act of intolerance, racism, pedophilia, etc.. Any member who fails to comply with these instructions will have their content removed, even their account deleted without notice and without refund at our sole decision. Hangar 217 can not be held responsible for the posting of offensive content. The user is solely responsible for its conduct and content that he posts on the site.

Any malicious use of the site or any use that does not respect the letter and spirit of this regulation is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply, the user is liable to have their account be deleted without notice and without any refund, all at the discretion of site administrators.

Member agrees:
- Not to contact members of the site for commercial purposes (advertising for another site, sales, etc..), download or advertising content without written permission from us;
- Not to take any action that may cause, directly or indirectly harm the website (data loss, reduced performance, etc.).
- Not to transform Hangar 127 one way or another, including through computer code;

It is also prohibited:
- To harass, threaten or to cause harm one way or another to members of the site;
- Download images (photos, etc..) that depict minors in ambiguous situations (we will be particularly intolerent in this regard);
- To download pornographic images;
- Download content that is offensive, harmful, defamatory, racist, vulgar, obscene or offensive based on religion, ethnicity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation or disability and other items;
- To replace the identity of another person to use a false name or a false identity or use of false representation;
- To invade the privacy of others;
- Copy, modify, reproduce, upload, republish, transmit, distribute, sell, process, or distribute any content (or part of content) hosted on Hangar 217, and its data structure or its layout;
- To violate the laws;
- Conducting vulgar, obscene, racist, crooked, abusive, libelous or to vandalism and verbal terrorism;
- Contravene regulations Hangar 217;
- Violating the intellectual and artistic property of anyone, including among others, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, patents, publicity rights;
- Download, distribute, transmit, or promote illegal content;
- Provide, transmit or upload content that infringes the rights of others;
- To spread spams;
- To download or upload content to the site containing malicious computer code or hack the Site in any manner whatsoever.

You are strictly forbidden to encourage members to take actions defamatory, racist, obscene, pornographic, slanderous, threatening, profanity, outlaws, etc. You are invited to report any unacceptable content.

Justice: Hangar 217 will retain the right to disclose information to all members of police and judicial authorities if legal proceedings initiated by a competent authority requires. Similarly, Hangar 217 disclose any information necessary to the competent authorities to protect the site.

Hangar 217 will cooperate with all authorities, legal or police to put an end to all illegal activities including, among others, reveal the identity of a member. Hangar 217 will reserve the right, without restriction and totally arbitrary, to remove any content it deems unacceptable, without justification. Hangar 217 will retain the unrestricted right and totally arbitrary, to ban a member whose content is ambiguous, outlaws or unacceptable without refund.

Links: The site may contain links to other websites. Hangar 217 is not required by the policies of protection of privacy or the regulations of these sites. As you peruse the operation. Hangar 217, its owners and its employees do not endorse the content or policies of these sites or their editorial policy. In no way Hangar 217, its owners and employees can be prosecuted for any loss or damage (moral, material or physical) resulting from a network (direct or indirect) between 217 and shed those other websites.

Access: Hangar 217 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the exception of interruptions for maintenance of the site. As Hangar 217 does not control the hosting servers, it can not be held responsible for any outage related to the server. Hangar 217 will not be liable for damages that may result from service interruptions caused by its error or an error from the server.

Protection of Minors: you should know that there are commercial services of parental control; you are responsable of the protection of your children.à

Denouncing rape of copyright: Hangar 217 is committed to receive and analyze any written request for a breach of copyright. Any request for any defamatory or infringing a copyright must contain the following information: 1) the address (URL) identifying the content covered by the application, 2) a description or a copy of the work referred this application, 3) the names of individuals (or corporations) holding the copyright, or the name of the person authorized to represent the copyright holder, 4) e-mail address of the person to whom the complaint to enable Hangar 217 to communicate with her, 5) a sworn statement that the request is legitimate, true, correct, that the person making the complaint is actually holds the copyright content to which the complaint or his agent authority to act on his behalf, and that the content in question was put online without permission of the rightful holder of the copyright.

Regardless of the appearance of challenging content, or information of defamatory, abusive content; you will never lawsuit against Hangar 217, its owners and employees. You agree that Hangar 217 will not compensate you in any way. Should the merits of an allegation of rape of copyright or defamation, Hangar 217 will withdraw the content covered. In such cases, Hangar 217 may decide, quite arbitrarily, to terminate, without notice and without refund or compensation to the account of member under this approach.

Indemnity: in any way you will keep Hangar 217, its owners, employees and partners accountable for damages, suits, loss of profits, etc.. that you may undergo. Hangar 217 will never pay any compensation in case of prosecution arising from the direct or indirect use of the site. Hangar 217, its owners and employees will never be liable to any proceedings which might result or required to pay compensation. You are solely responsible for any consequences that may result from the use of the site. Hangar 217 only offers a hosting service and social networking, it will never be held responsible for direct and indirect use of the site. You are the only responsable.

In the event that you decide to pursue Hangar 217, you agree at the outset that your complaint will be filed in court in Quebec City and you agree immediately to submit to civil laws and regulations of Quebec and the criminals laws and regulations of Canaa. We do not guarantee that the content will be accessible for possible prosecution.

Content and opinions: Hangar 217 will reserve the right to delete an account without notice and without compensation. Hangar 217 will not be prosecuted for doing so. Hangar 217 will reserve the right to remove any content it considers inappropriate with respect to its editorial line, without the possibility of prosecution or refund. Hangar 217 will reserve the right to ban anyone who uploads content that is deemed inappropriate.

You can download the contents of the site for strictly personal purposes, that is to say, for consultative purposes, during normal use of the site, keeping in mind at any time that you have content being subject to copyright. We will not be responsible for the misuse of the contents of members by any individuals. Similarly, we are not responsible for the use you can make the content of site members. Similarly, Hangar 217 will not be held responsible for the use of content by a member on the basis of information or advice obtained from the site. Hangar 217 will not be held responsible for any use made of content by members, regardless of the reasons which led a member to use the content in one way or another.

Hangar 217 allows members to upload content and to exchange ideas, opinions and information (content). The uploaded content does not reflect the positions of the site, such as Hangar 217 is not required to monitor or review the content uploaded. We assume no responsibility for the content that members can download and upload (errors, omissions, defamation, falsehood, obscenity, pornography, profanity, etc..).

Please note that Hangar 217 does not endorse the views expressed by members. Your comments will be moderated and published if they respect the rules and etiquette of Hangar 217.

Refund Policy: : The sale of a membership allows Hangar 217 to pay salaries and to see costs associated with hosting the site. The subscription is not refundable in any circumstances. Hangar 217 will reserve the right to increase its rates to ensure the profitability of its operations. At any time, members will be notified of this increase by a reasonable time.

The presence of errors or omissions shall not affect the scope and spirit of this contract. The french version is the only valid one.

Version 1.0 (August 2010).